How To Make an NFT

NFT, a simple acronym for Non-fungible token has become a household name in the crypto community and beyond. Due to its popularity, more people are searching for more information on how to make an NFT. Understandably, the potential for making some good sum of money out of NFTs is a major driving force that contributed … Read more

Shiba Inu Cryptocurrency Defined

In 2013, Jackson Palmer and Billy Marcus created a new coin based on a dog meme that had soared in popularity at the time. They named it Dogecoin and it was initially meant to be a sort of joke about the hype surrounding cryptocurrencies. In 2021, years after its foundation, Dogecoin saw explosive growth, mainly … Read more

Is a Facebook cryptocurrency on the horizon?

Facebook: Shutterstock Since May 2019, the Facebook cryptocurrency has been trying to get off the ground after it first floated ideas for a “Global Coin” or “Facebook Coin.” Then, in June of 2019, Facebook formally announced its “Libra” cryptocurrency project. But now after three years of regulatory and legislative scrutiny, multiple rebranding efforts, and an exodus … Read more